What do Our Patients Say About Us?

Our Patient’s Stories

I want to tell you about a very nice place to go if you have lung, heart, stroke or some pain problems. SMR is the place to go.  There is a nice building that is clean and equipped with exercise machines relative to your needs. Very knowledgeable people help you to make your daily life easier and more pleasant. They will help to make your life better. Some of the nice things we have while we are here is we feel socially attached to everyone. We help each other here when we see needs. We get small snacks after our exercise which are healthy and tasty. We celebrate
birthday and holidays with pot luck parties. They’re great and best of all we like each other!  Last few words about me,  I am a retired nurse and patient here. I can think of nothing nicer than seeing people come out of their shells and socializing with the rest of us or a person breathing better after exercise, or someone who started in a wheelchair who learned to walk again. I am
one who is better for being here.
Kathryn Smith

My testimony to Spring Mountain Rehab – 10-26-2019

My name is Krystal Paigo and I would like to say thank you to the whole staff for helping me regain my strength and stamina before and after my lung transplant.

They helped me in so many ways with wiping down and sanitizing all their machinery and equipment to keeping my oxygen levels and heart rate accurate while exercising to always making sure I’m challenging myself as well as not overdoing it.  Their professionalism and care have kept me coming back and I’m so grateful that I found them.   The Spring Mountain Rehab family!

Thank you for everything


Krystal Paigo

“I started coming here to treat my depression. I continued to come because the staff is well-trained, extremely kind, for sociability, and of course exercise. The group exercise is wonderful. I have heard all these things from other patients as well.”

Patricia Reich

“I enjoy coming to SMR because of the environment. The staff are all so nice and they treat me really well. My health has also improved since coming to SMR for pulmonary rehab.”

Frank Hall Jr.

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