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Spring Mountain Rehab Staff

Armando Miciano M.D.

Medical Director

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Scott Hurd

Director of Physical Therapy

As a Director of Physical Therapy, achieving successful outcomes is what drives me and my passion for helping others be at their best.  Regardless if I’m helping an injured professional athlete return to their sport, helping a national organization to be an industry leader or helping a family member return to work, I’m constantly working to achieve the most successful outcome possible.
With 15 years’ experience of providing expert Physical Therapy care, I’ve had countless unique opportunities to personally work and learn from some of the worlds best medical professionals, best professional athletes and the best corporate leaders.  All of this experience and opportunity is shared through my daily patient care, my personality and my ability and unparalleled willingness to help others.
My past experience specifically includes directing a private nationally recognized Physical Therapy clinic, to leading the Physical Therapy program and operations of a national industry leading organization with over 30 Physical Therapy clinical sites.  This included leadership and expertise within the areas of business strategy, corporate client relations, staffing, policy and compliance, and marketing and sales.

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Ginnie Seva

Rehab Director

Liana Greene

Head of Cardiac Department

Liana is the head of our cardiac department. She earned her bachelors of science degree in nursing from Roseman School of Nursing in Las Vegas.  As a Registered Nurse (RN), she specializes in providing integrated trauma-emergency, cardiac, and rehabilitation care services to individuals of all ages in various facilities.

Dorthy Turner

Respiratory Therapist

Gail McCann

Respiratory Therapist

Aimee Barnes

Respiratory Therapist

Jill Mirkis

Physical Therapy Asst. (PTA)

Jill attended physical therapy assistant school in Florida.  She has been fortunate to work with varied groups of physical therapists that have guided her treatments and career.  Her interests are in neurological, orthopedic, cardiac, and sports conditions that are treated with physical therapy.  She enjoys attending continuing education courses nationwide and international conferences to uppdate her knowledge.

James Ceredon

Physical Therapy Tech

Uly Morales

Physical Therapy Tech

Mientje Torres-Leon

Physical Therapy Tech

Paulette Moser

Billing Coordinator

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