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About Our Clinic

Spring Mountain Rehab is the most comprehensive outpatient rehab facility specializes in Physical Therapy, Pulmonary, and Cardiac Rehabilitation in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Our respiratory regimens are designed to educate and enlighten patients with proven functional techniques pulmonary physical therapy and breathing.

Cardiac rehab at our facility is closely monitored via wireless telemetry services by our experienced tech members to ensure maximum rehab while maintaining safe vital signs.

We aim at enhancing our patient’s quality of life, ability to perform activities of day-to-day living and improve mortality. 

We Are Always

Glad to Help

We personalize care according to our patient’s distinctive conditions. We administer with compassion, treat them as family, and care for their well-being as we would for ourselves.

Spring Mountain Rehab Team

Individual Approach

Why Choose Us

Medical Privacy

We strictly maintain the security and confidentiality of patients records to protect sensitive health information.

Modern Equipment

Modern problems requires modern solution. We ensure to upgrade and evolve our equipment to satisfy and be more effective when dealing in patients needs.

Quality & Safety

We provide quality, effective services and we ensure and priorities the safety of each individuals.

Qualified Therapist

We are team of professional and qualified medical staffs and knowledgeable healthcare workers.

Emergency Help

We have activated emergency planning to reduce injuries, protect the community and maintain business continuity.

Individual Approach

Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values.

Personalized Treatment

We personalize care and treatment according to patient's distinctive conditions.

Modern Treatment

We provide modern and latest treatment and personalized program components.

Healthy and Happy Patients

Our Satisfied Patients

We want our patients to have a better quality of life and we want to be a part of that quality. 

SMR’s awesome physical therapists and staff have made great strides in becoming the best-trained group in the Las Vegas area. Patients at Spring Mountain Rehab have responded and have given us what we consider to be the best part of our work.